Stand-Up Toilet Alarm

Units of Measurement: Each

$253.00 AUD

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The Stand-Up Toilet Alarm is an alarm which can be placed on top of the toilet seat.

Stand-Up Alarms can be a very helpful way of monitoring a patient’s movement, without physical or chemical restraining. They are normally used with people who stand up from a chair or get out of bed and could fall over. Sometimes the person may be able to walk, but may put themselves in danger due to dementia

The Stand-Up Toilet Alarm sounds when the person is about to stand up or has stood up from a toilet. The alarm noise is near the patient and this may help the patient to remember not to stand up, as the noise will stop if they sit down again. There is an adjustable volume control, and 10m / 33′ Extension Cords are available separately.

The alarm cord length is 3m / 9.8′ and is powered by batteries.

Item # 444T

Wipe clean with a hospital grade disinfectant. Wipe dry. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing. Non-phenolic disinfectants are recommended in a diluted solution. Do not machine wash or submerse the alarm pad in water. Do not dry clean.

Inspect the fabric and cable regularly to ensure there are no cuts or tears.

Warning – Choking Hazard: The Sounding Alarm Box contains a small part (battery cover) and small batteries. This product may not be suitable for an individual who has a tendency to place inedible objects in their mouths.