Soft Cushions Vacuum Flat Pack Board

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The Soft Cushions Vacuum Flat Pack Board is an accessory to the range of Pelican Sleep System Soft Cushions.

The full range of the Pelican Sleep System Positioning Cushions and accessories consists of:

soft wedge cusion Soft Wedge Cushion
soft leg abduction cushion Soft Leg Abduction Cushion
soft heel cushion Soft Heel Cushion
Soft Arm & Hand Cushion
soft general cushion - small Soft General Cushion – Small
soft general cushion - large Soft General Cushion – Large
soft hugging cushion Soft Hugging Cushion
soft lateral cushion Soft Lateral Cushion
soft u cushion Soft U-Shaped Cushion
soft ring cushion small Soft Ring Cushion – Small
Soft Ring Cushion – Large
soft hollow-core polyester fibre Soft Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre – A 2kg / 4.4lbs bag of spare filling
Flat Pack Board Soft Cushions Vacuum Flat Pack Board – To help pack the cushions flat in the vacuum seal bag


Pelican’s Sleep System Positioning Cushions, and Soft Hollow-Core Polyester Fibre (sold separately), come packed in a reusable vacuum-seal bag, to reduce the size for delivery, and make it easier to take different cushions in a car. After taking it out of the bag, the cushion will inflate. If a vacuum cleaner is available, the cushion can be deflated again to pack flat.

To Use

Align the cut-out over the vacuum valve then gently press down on the Board, applying pressure as the air is vacuumed out of the bag. Do not force air out of the Cushion – just let the vacuum cleaner do the work.

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Item # 12611