Slide Board – Stubby

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The Slide Board – Stubby can be used to slide to and from a wheelchair, or to a bed or chair. It is used by more co-ordinated people who can balance and control the move with their arms.

It can also be used with the following products:

This product is translucent.

About the material

This Poly material will bend, but will not break. It is made from a strong, self lubricating material. The outer surface may mark easily and a new board may look secondhand when new, but the advantages of using this material outweighs the disadvantages.

Transferring Tip: If the patient crosses their legs, it is easier to place the Slide Board – Stubby under the raised leg.

Safe Working Load (SWL)

Click here for information relating to Safe Working Loads and plastic versus wooden slide boards.

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Item # 588

Item Weight: 1.35kg / 3lbs


52cm x 27cm x 1cm

20.5″ x 10.5″ x 0.4″

Spray & wipe clean with disinfectant. If more slip is required, use silicon spray Helmar H 4000.

Consult your Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Back Care Specialist when using Manual Handling Products.

Non-Slip Tape
Some manufacturers have non-slip tape on the back of their Slide Boards (also known as Transfer Boards). The non-slip tape is not really necessary, as the Slide Boards do not move a lot when they are correctly positioned. Non-slip tape can make it harder to position the Slide Board under a patient, and to remove the board after the transfer. If the Slide Board is used upside down, the non-slip tape will stop the person from moving. By not having any non-slip tape the Pelican Slide Boards, they can be used either way up.Also the non-slip tape can make it difficult to keep clean, particularly if the patient is incontinent or there may be some other cross infection reason. Remember if the person is sitting on a chair, or on a bed or operating table and the Slide Board is put under them, the Slide Board can be contaminated on both sides i.e. the top and bottom of the Board. This can be from the patient’s clothing, and from where they are sitting on the chair, bed, etc. as the chair will also be contaminated. If the non-slip tape is on the underside of the board, it means the board cannot be easily wiped clean. If a customer particularly wants non-slip tape, this can be purchased from most hardware shops and the customer can easily put non-slip tape on the Boards.

Slide the Patient – Not the Board
Remember: Slide the patient across the board. Do not slide the board, with the patient on top, across the bed. Hand Slots are designed when carrying the board, not for when transferring patients.