Roll & Stop Board

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The Roll & Stop Board is designed to transfer a patient to and from a hospital bed and imaging table.

The benefit of this Board over others is that it has a built in brake system. This will stop a patient sliding after a maximum of 41cm / 16″ of side movement.


To Use

Ensure the patient’s bed and the imaging table are placed side by side, with the bed brakes on. The bed should be elevated slightly above the height of the table, so that the patient will be sliding downhill. The Roll & Stop Board’s Blue section is then extended out on to the imaging table, with the Board positioned next to the patient. The Carer nearest the patient log rolls the patient, lifting the bed sheet to turn them, allowing the Carer on the other side to slide the Roll & Stop Board underneath the sheet and patient. The Carer nearest the patient can then lower the patient back onto their back.


Transferring the patient

The Carer on the other side pulls the patient towards them, using the bed sheet. The Carer nearest the patient helps by slightly lifting their side of the bed sheet and pushing the patient. Raising the patient’s side places their body weight entirely on the Board, which allows for easier sliding. Once the Roll & Stop Board has travelled the full distance, the brake will stop the patient’s movement.


Removing the Board

After the bed is removed, the Carer on the other side log rolls the patient towards them using bed sheet, while the Carer nearest the patient pulls the Board out using the flexible handles. When using with heavier patients, it is easier to pull the foot end of the Board out first. If the patient is very heavy, two Carers may be required to pull on both ends of the Board to remove it.

Item # 5822

Size: 180cm x 50cm / 71" x 20"

Wipe clean the padded blue section and webbing with a hospital grade disinfectant and dry with a cloth. The Board can be removed from the cover and sprayed and wiped clean and dried. The inside of the Roll & Stop Board’s cover can also be sprayed, wiped clean and dried, before putting the Board back inside it. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Have guidance from your Infection Control Department for guidance as they may override our instructions.

SKU: 5822

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