ResQslide Board & Chair Strap Kit

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The ResQslide Board & Chair Strap Kit is used to slide someone from a wheelchair to an evacuation device on the floor, such as the ResQmat, ResQpod or ResQme (all sold separately) which can slide down stairs.

If a Patient is in an armchair, electric or manual wheelchair and they need to be taken out of the chair in an emergency, this could be a very difficult and possibly dangerous task for the Patient and the Carers. The emergency maybe be due to a fire. In which case the lifts in the building cannot be used to evacuate. The only means of escape would be to use the stairs. Another emergency could be if a Patient is having a fit or seizure and they may need CPR.

The ResQslide Board is extremely strong and will bend when in use but not break. The outer surface may mark easily and a new board may look second hand when new. The advantages of using this material outweigh the disadvantages.

Sometimes in an emergency there may not be enough time to use the Chair Strap, so we suggest staff try to use the ResQslide Board without the Chair Strap. The Chair Strap is designed to help keep the ResQslide Board in position and allow the Carers to pay more attention to sliding the Patient .

Note: As this is considered an over-sized item, customers from outside of Australia should contact us before placing an order so that we can provide an accurate shipping cost.

To Use

Simply lasso the two Female buckles through the front hand slots. These can be left in position when the Board is not in use, to save time in an emergency. It is possible to put a stitch in the lasso so they are not easily removed. We suggest one of the Male buckles is attached to a Female buckle, so the long Chair Strap is not lost in storage.

When using the ResQslide Board & Chair Strap Kit, slide the Board under the Patient ‘s bottom. Then the Chair Strap can be placed around the back of the chair and buckled together. Adjust to size to take up any excess webbing behind the chair. Positioning the Strap behind the chair will depend on the design and size of the chair.

After the Patient has slid down from the chair and they are in position on the evacuation device, remember to undo the Chair Strap before removing the ResQslide Board from under the Patient.

The Chair Strap has been made very long for large armchairs. When using on a small wheelchair there will be a lot of spare webbing to adjust to size. We suggest trying out different ways of fitting to different chairs, so staff will be trained before an emergency. The procedure should be recorded, possibly with photos and kept with the ResQslide Board.

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The full range of ResQproduct options are listed below. Click here to view the Features List for the range of Pelican evacuation devices.


ResQsheet Stored under the Patient’s mattress on the bed and is ready to use, with the Patient then evacuated with their mattress. Slides well on most vinyl floors.
ResQsheet for Vinyl & Carpet Same as the ResQsheet above, but with a built-in white plastic slide board underneath. Slides well on all floor surfaces including Vinyl & Carpet.
ResQsheet for Vinyl & Carpet – Deep & Airflow A special version of our ResQsheet for Vinyl & Carpet, made to fit deep mattress beds, and can also be used with pressure care air-flow mattresses.
ResQme ResQme This is kept in storage and taken to a Patient who needs to be evacuated. A budget option evacuation device.
ResQpod ResQpod Same as the ResQme above, but with more Cross Straps to contain the Patient.
ResQmat ResQmat Same as the ResQme and ResQpod above, but with a built-in mini-mattress for comfort, and the side material can enclose the Patient.
ResQslide Board & Chair Strap Kit ResQslide Board & Chair Strap Kit The ResQslide Board & Chair Strap Kit is used to slide someone from a wheelchair to an evacuation device on the floor, such as the ResQmat, ResQpod or ResQme which can slide down stairs.

Item # 220PSBK

Slide Board Size: 147.5cm x 40cm / 58″ x 15.7″

Strap Length (combined): 243cm x 95.6″

Board: Wipe clean with a hospital grade disinfectant. Wipe dry. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing. If more slip is required, use a non-staining, food grade silicone spray. In Australia we recommend Helmar Brand Silicone Spray H 4000.

Strap: Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

Warning: We recommend that all staff should have instruction on using the ResQslide Board by a qualified Manual Handling Instructor. Reading Instructions and watching videos is just a guide. A Manual Handling Instructor may alter the methods we suggest for some Carers and some patients. Under supervision of a Manual Handling Supervisor, practise the manoeuvres with able-bodied people. If the pretend ‘Carers’ or the ‘patient’ thinks it is unsafe, always STOP and recover before an accident happens, and then recommence.

General Manual Handling Warning: Manual Handling products are designed to assist carers to help patients. They will not make the carer stronger or fitter, but with correct training and use of the products, should make manual handling easier and safer for both staff and patients. When training, practise with an able-bodied colleague. If any procedure is not comfortable or is difficult and puts the carer or patient in a dangerous position, the participants should call out to stop the manoeuvre, recover and recommence. Never jeopardise your health by straining, twisting or being incorrectly positioned when manual handling. Always select the most appropriate equipment for the patient’s current condition and if in doubt, use mechanical equipment. Ask your Manual Handling adviser for individual guidance.

Correct Buckle Threading: Click here to view a video showing the correct way to thread a buckle onto the webbing. It is vital that the buckles on this product are correctly fitted. Contact us if you need to order a replacement buckle if one is broken.