Non-Slip Wedge

Units of Measurement: Each

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The Non-Slip Sleeve Wedge has convoluted foam inside to help make it softer and aid blood flow. The cover is made from poly-cotton material that helps insulate the Patient’s skin while it is resting on the Wedge. This can help prevent perspiration.

The Miracle Grip part of the cover is positioned underneath the Wedge so that it will stay in place.

The Patient can still move from lying on their side to lying on their back, and back to the same side again. The Wedge will stop them rolling onto the opposite side where they could be lying on the operative arm.

To Use: Place the Wedge behind the Patient’s back between the waist and the shoulders. The Miracle Grip should be underneath, near the side that is next to the Patient.

Note: When there is no weight on the Wedge, it may still slip. There needs to be a little pressure on the Miracle Grip to prevent the Wedge from slipping.

Remove the foam from the cover. Machine or hand wash up to 80°C (176°F). Squeeze out excess water from the foam parts. Air dry in shade. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.