Leg/Arm Sling – Heat Sealed

Units of Measurement: Each

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The Leg/Arm Sling – Heat Sealed has a soft, waterproof cover that has been Heat Sealed. Inside the cover the webbing has a layer of foam on both sides, to make the Sling more comfortable for the Patient.

The webbing is made from polyester, which is a man-made material. It does not attract germs. This strong but soft Sling is suitable for bariatric Patients.

The Leg/Arm Sling is available with either:

  • Webbing Loops – for metal hook coat hanger hoists
  • Keyhole Plates – for tilt frame hoists

To Use

Place the Sling under the arm or leg, and attach the Webbing Loops to the Hoist.

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Item # 6921 – Webbing Loop Attachments

Item # 6921K – Keyhole Plates Attachments

Padded foam size: 52cm x 14cm / 20.5″ x 5.5″

Consult your facility’s Infection Control Department, as they may override our instructions. After each use, both sides of the Sling should be wiped clean with hospital grade disinfectant and then dried. To help with infection control, the webbing used is a very tight knit, seatbelt‚ webbing that is easy to wipe clean. Webbing is necessary to take the weight of the patient’s hips. We recommend having Slings for each patient to prevent any cross infection.

Attaching Brand New Keyhole Plate Slings to a Hoist: View our video guidance here.

General Keyhole Plate Sling Information: Click here for general information, including filing down Keyhole Plates which are too tight. This advice is applicable for the version of this product which uses Keyhole Plates.