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The Handi Soft Turn Pad is a turning pad used for helping someone getting into or out of a car. It can also be used to help Patients when getting in and out of a bed or a chair.

The Handi Soft Turn Pad can be used upside down, with the vinyl side up, if the person is incontinent. This will make it easier to wipe clean if required. It can be sprayed and wiped clean, or removed for washing.

It is very flexible and is made from two foam Pads with a central swivel mechanism. The two Pads rotate on each other.

To Use

Place the Handi Soft Turn Pad on the car seat with the webbing handles where the person’s hips will go when seated. The Pad will bend to the shape of the seat. The person can then turn themselves into the car to face the front. They may be able to help turning by leaning against the back of the seat, or use their arms to pull themselves around.

Alternatively, the Carer may use the webbing handles to turn, without touching Patients prone to pain if touched.

After the journey is over they can then turn themselves again to get out of the car.

An alternative turning pad to consider is the Car Seat Slide Pads (sold separately). This is often better than the Handi Soft Turn Pad which uses a swivel mechanism in the middle.


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Item # 5195 (Standard) 42cm / 16.5″ diamter

Item # 5195L (Large) 51cm / 20″ diameter


Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

General Manual Handling Warning: Manual Handling products are designed to assist carers to help patients. They will not make the carer stronger or fitter, but with correct training and use of the products, should make manual handling easier and safer for both staff and patients. When training, practise with an able-bodied colleague. If any procedure is not comfortable or is difficult and puts the carer or patient in a dangerous position, the participants should call out to stop the manoeuvre, recover and recommence. Never jeopardise your health by straining, twisting or being incorrectly positioned when manual handling. Always select the most appropriate equipment for the patient’s current condition and if in doubt, use mechanical equipment. Ask your Manual Handling adviser for individual guidance.

Can you stand on it on the floor?

Yes, but it does not work as well as a hard Handi Turn (sold separately) which is designed for standing on.

Do you have to take it out from under the patient?

No – they can remain sitting on it.

What’s the difference between the Car Seat Slide Pad, the Car Roller Sheet, and the Handi Soft Turn Pad?

All of these items are car seat turning aids used to help people get in and out of cars. By far the best one is the Car Seat Slide Pad because it slides the best when it has weight on it. The Handi Soft Turn Pad can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to turn if the person does not sit in the centre of the Pad. The Car Roller Sheet has more or less been superseded by the Car Seat Slide Pad.