Hand Contraction Pads

Hand Contraction Pads

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The Hand Contraction Pad is Used to help keep the hand clean when contracted. It will help stop skin touching skin, and help prevent perspiration building up in the palm and between fingers.


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Place in the patient’s hand and pull the finger spacer sections fully back between the fingers. The thumb should be placed around the main body of the pad. The Pad will not cure contractions, but will help keep the hand clean. The Pads should be hand or machine washed to keep fresh (do not tumble dry). If the fingers are badly contracted, the Finger Contraction Band may be more suitable.

It may be possible that the Hand Blow Up Pad Kit may provide better care as the fingers could be opened gradually and exercised.

Item # 260

Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

This product is to help with the prevention of pressure sores. Sometimes, due to the patient deteriorating, the product may become unsuitable. Continuous monitoring is necessary and alternative products may be recommended.

SKU: 260