Finger Contraction Bands

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The Finger Contraction Bands are used for Patients with severe hand contractions. The band is very thin to enable it to slide between the fingers and palm. It may help prevent finger nails from growing into the palm of the hand.

To Fit

For example, fit to the Patient’s right hand, with the palm facing up. When looking at the band with the furry side up, put the long and short arms with the Hook & Loop Tape sewn on the under side, pointing to the right. Make sure the longer arm is at the bottom as this will be wound around the wrist. The other short arm without Hook & Loop Tape then faces to the left. It is now easy to see that the Patient’s thumb should go into the band between the long and short section with the Hook & Loop Tape on.

The main part of the band slides between the finger nails and the palm. Put the short part, without the Hook & Loop Tape around to the back of the fingers. The other short part with Hook & Loop Tape is put around to attach. The long part can then be wound around the wrist and the Hook & Loop Tape section can be fastened to the palm.

The left hand is fitted in the same manner, but in reverse.

Make sure the fitted main palm section of each of the Finger Contraction Bands is correctly positioned under the finger nails. For some Patients, a Hand Contraction Pad may be more suitable.

Item # 261

Size: 33.5cm x 12cm / 21″ x 4.7″

Wash up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.

This product is to help with the prevention of pressure sores. Sometimes, due to the patient deteriorating, the product may become unsuitable. Continuous monitoring is necessary and alternative products may be recommended.

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