Bed Side Helper – Attachments

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These products are accessories to the Bed Side Helper (sold separately), which is a product used to help people hold onto something when getting in and out of bed.

Bed Side Helper Attachments for different beds


Bed Side Helper SS LoopSecurity Strap with Loop: This strap gives extra support if someone is moving a lot in bed and hitting the Bed Side Helper with their arms or legs. The Security Strap is attached to the Helper and the Loop is lassoed to the bed frame rail on the opposite side of the bed.

Bed Side Helper SS DiscSecurity Strap with Disc: For ensemble beds which do not have a bed frame rails, the plastic Disc attachment is placed upright between the mattress and the base to act as an anchor. This gives extra support if someone is moving a lot in bed and banging on the Bed Side Helper with their arms or legs.

Bed Side Helper Floor ExtensionFloor Extension: When the Bed Side Helper is used with a soft ensemble style base with a mattress on top, it may press into the base when the Patient is pushing down on the Helper. To prevent this, the Floor Extension is fastened to the Bed Side Helper with the bottom of the Extension resting on the floor.

Patent Number 2021209173 / 2005200571

USING A BED SIDE HELPER ON EACH SIDE OF THE BED: You can attached two Bed Side Helpers so that you have one on each side of the bed. To do this, you can either purchase one Security Strap with Loop to connect both brackets (as shown in the photo), or purchase two Security Straps with Loop.


Item # Description
468-SL Security Strap with Loop
468-SD Security Strap with Disc Security Strap - Disc
468F Floor Extension Floor Extension

Security Strap – Hand or machine wash the webbing up to 80°C (176°F). Air or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool. Regularly inspect the webbing material for damage, and if any is found, report to Pelican Manufacturing.

Disc & Floor Extension – Wipe clean with soapy water, or with alcohol based wipes. Ensure the product is dry before using or storing.


Consult your medical Therapist before using to ensure this product is suitable for the patient. Pelican cannot accept responsibility if a patient is harmed when using the Bed Side Helper.

Weight Testing: The NATA Testing gives an indication of the strength of the Bed Side Helper. The weight used during testing may be more than a person would force when using the Helper. The strength of the Boards was tested by:

  1. Applying 150kg vertical force to represent someone getting in and out of bed, or pushing down on the Helper.

2. Applying 50kg horizontal force to represent someone rolling against the Helper.