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Pelican Post – October 2012

A newsletter to keep you up-to-date with new items from Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

In this issue:

  • New Product – Waterproof Blanket
  • New Video for Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports
  • Relative or patients paying for goods

New Product – Waterproof Blanket

Some patients like to have a rest on their bed during the day. This means the Carers need to put them in to their bed and make the bed again when they get up. If they are incontinent there is a possibility that they might soil the bed sheets and then the whole bed needs to be stripped and the sheets replaced.

The advantage of the Waterproof Blanket is that the patient can sleep on top of their bed during the day. If the Waterproof Blanket is placed on top of the bedspread the patient can sleep without soiling the bedspread. After the patient gets up again, the Waterproof Blanket can be wiped clean and taken off the bed. The weight of the Waterproof Blanket helps it to stay in place on the bed and minimizes creasing. If a normal sheet of vinyl is used without the inner material, the sheet can crease up under the patient and cause pressure sores.

Nursing Home staff have told us how good the Waterproof Blanket is and how it saves them a lot of time during the day as well as cutting down on laundry costs.

Cleaning: Have guidance from your Infection Control Staff as they may change our recommendations. Wipe clean with Hospital Grade disinfectant then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Do not wash in a washing machine as this may damage the heat sealed edges. Do not tumble dry.

For more information please email:

Price: $94

New Video for Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports

The new Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports have been a popular new item. We now have a demonstration video on the website. Click here to view the video.

Click here to link to this item on our website Item # 184HS, Leg/Arm Bandaging Supports, $68 pair

Relatives or patients paying for goods

During these times of financial restraint we are often told that the nursing home must pay for everything the patient needs but if the nursing home is short of funds, they are not allowed to buy anything.

Sometimes the relatives say they want their loved ones to have one of our products, and after talking to the Care Director the relatives will pay for the item so the patient has the product as soon as possible. If the relatives contact us direct, we ask if they have spoken to the staff at the Nursing Home, as we do not want people buying unsuitable items.

If any of your patient’s relatives wish to buy from us they can place the order using our secure on line ordering facility or by phoning us direct. We ask the relatives to pay by Credit Card when they place the order. Alternatively if the Nursing Home places the order, we will send the goods out invoiced to the Nursing Home, who will be responsible for paying the account. If more than one item is ordered it may still be the same amount for freight. Sometimes we send goods for several patients, so they are all included in the same freight fee. If this is required, we can write the names of the patients on the invoice for each item.

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