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Pelican Post - October 2006

In this issue:

  • New Product - Wheelchair / Walking Frame Bags - $5.00
  • New Product - Bed Comforter - from $45.00

New Product - Wheelchair / Walking Frame Bags

Note: small pockets near top on the inside for better security, and on the
outside for easy access. Long corner ties can be cut to length.

These strong bags are made from woven polypropylene material (like enviro shopping bags) and are designed to fit behind a wheelchair or hang from a walking frame. They are large enough - 40cm wide x 44cm high - so they can be used to store footplates of wheelchairs at night, slings, small slide boards, shopping, books, etc. They have small pockets near the top of the bag on the inside and outside to hold reading glasses, tissues, purses, mobile phones, pens etc. They are dark navy in colour to be discreet. The securing ties and the normal carry handles can be cut without the material fraying. We have subsidised the cost as we have our logo on the bags!

Price $5.00* each (see special offer below)

* Special offer - as an introductory promotion, if you purchase 10 at a time, we will add another 1 bag free of charge. Offer ends end of 30/11/2006.

Click here to link to this item on our website.

New Product - Bed Comforter

Note: Waterproof & Polycotton cover not shown.

This item is like a very large soft tube. It is filled with polyester with hollow core silicone fibre. Some people who have restless nights, may sleep better with the Bed Comforter. It may make the person feel secure so they stay in their own bed overnight and not try to get into other people's beds. It is difficult to guarantee if this product will work with every patient, so if it doesn't with one patient, it may well work with someone else in the facility. It's successfulness may depend on how it is introduced to the patient.

The Bed Comforter is designed so it can rest between their legs and protect their legs rubbing together. They can also rest their arm over the comforter. In time this product may help reduce contractions, but we will have to wait a couple of years before we can talk from experience.

Also available is a soft, waterproof, wipeable cover for incontinent people, or with a polycotton cover that can be used like a large pillow case either directly over the Bed Comforter or even over the waterproof cover.

Prices: Bed Comforter $45.00; Waterproof Cover $45.00; Polycotton Cover $30

Click here to link to this item on our website.

If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or feedback regarding any of these items that you think we should consider for further development of these items, please let us know.

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