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Pelican Post – May 2012

A newsletter to keep you up-to-date with new items from Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

In this issue:

  • New Product – Wide Sacro-Iliac Belts
  • New Product – Neurological Head Holder and Foam Wedges
  • New Product – Flame Retardant Kitchen Apron
  • Sling Inspection and Repair Service
  • Coming Soon – Rehab Steps & Rehab Ramp

New Product – Wide Sacro-Iliac Belts

Item Number
7.5cm Wide
10cm Wide
(Elastic) X Large
(Elastic) Large
(Elastic) Medium
(Elastic) Small

Our standard width (7.5cm) Sacro-Iliac belt has been available for many years. We now have a wider version which is 10cm wide.

We recommend consulting your physician on advice on how best this item can help.

Click here to link to this item on our website
Item # 300W / 300XLW / 301W / 302W, from $54

New Product - Neurological Head Holder & Foam Wedges

The Neurological Head Holder and Foam Wedges are designed as a single use item to hold the head during endovascular intervention operations. The Head Foam section is designed to give a good fit under the head to help stabilise it during operations.

The Head Foam is placed under the head, to allow the head to rest slightly back. When needed, the Foam Wedges can be placed underneath the Head Foam, allowing the surgeon to find the required angle and height for the head. They can be used in a variety of ways, and the Head Foam may be cut if required to suit the patient’s ears or surgeon’s requirements

Click here to link to this category on our website
Item # 685H (Head Foam), 685-6 (6cm Wedge), 685-8 (8cm Wedge), 685-10 (10cm Wedge)
Prices: $38 (Head Foam), $12 (Wedges)

New Product – Flame Retardant Kitchen Apron

The Kitchen Apron is designed to be worn by kitchen staff to help prevent burns or spitting fat and flame flare-ups. The front is made from a flame retardant material made in the USA and is used for a variety of garments in high risk industries. These include shirts, pants, coveralls, jackets, bib overalls, arc flash suits for maintenance & electrical workers and for workers in electric utilities, oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and ferrous metal industries. The back is made from open netting material, which is not a fire or flame retardant material. This material is cooler and generally protection is only required at the front. There are two pockets at the front, and ties on either side.

Testing: We carried out some in-house testing with this material. A sample was held over a burning flame for 30 seconds without any noticeable difference to the material. Also, hot dripping fat was dropped on to the material without any significant burning to an arm under the material. Please remember that this is only for short periods of time and that the transmitted heat could cause injury if the ‘flame test’ or ‘fat test’ was for a longer duration.

Washing: Unlike some ‘Fire Retardant’ materials that lose the fire retarding quality after washing, the Flame Retardant Kitchen Apron can be washed and still maintain the fire retarding properties.

Click here to link to this item on our website
Item # 229 $84

Slide Inspection and Repair Service

Pelican has been designing and manufacturing patient lifting slings for over 25 years. Our slings comply with Australian and International Standards, and can be used on most brands of lifting hoists. Due to the increasing demand for us to inspect and repair both Pelican and non-Pelican Slings, we have now introduced an ‘Inspection Fee’ of $15 per sling. This covers the time required to fully inspect the sling for:

  • Material safety
  • Workmanship
  • Stitching
  • Any previous repairs done on the sling
  • General wear and tear

Pelican often receives other manufacturer’s slings to repair, which leads us to believe that other manufacturers refuse to repair their own slings. We feel this is unfair to the customer, because it may be perfectly safe to do a repair on the sling, rather than forcing the customer to purchase a new sling. We work out the repair charge based on what repairs needs to be done to the sling. From time to time we inspect slings and have reason to condemn them not to be used. We make this decision for the safety of the user. Unfortunately we still need to inspect the sling before making this decision, so we still need to charge the Inspection Fee.

Minimal repairs may be done to slings without charging a Repair Fee. This will be decided by our repair staff when they inspect the sling. Our staff may contact our customers to get a purchase order number for the inspection and/or repair. Although we may repair a sling, it is important to remember that the original sling material will continue to deteriorate and the sling will not be ‘as new’ after the repair work. We hope you are satisfied with Pelican’s inspection and repair service.

Coming Soon – Rehab Steps

We have been working on a new item to help with rehabilitation regarding walking. The 100% heat sealed Rehab Step is made from a lightweight, strong material which can be used to replicate a step. As this item is heat sealed it is easy to wipe clean between patients.

The size will be 85cm x 85cm x 85cm high, offering enough room to step up then turn around. Special sizes can be made to order. The main advantage of this item over currently available Steps is that the Pelican Step weighs only about 8kg, making it much lighter than other wooden steps, therefore reducing the manual handling risk. It has a strong carrying strap which is wrapped all the way around the internal block, so that the cover does not stretch. It is designed to be carried from one room to another, or used between parallel bars. A non-slip surface underneath helps prevent slipping.

Testing: The material is extremely strong and has been weight tested to 450kg.

Cleaning: This is a heat sealed product which is good for infection control and can be completely wiped clean with a mild disinfectant.

Approx price: $350 each

Please feel free to forward this newsletter on to your colleagues who you think may benefit from it. This is a great way of keeping up to date with new items as they become available in your industry. You can subscribe via our homepage by clicking here.

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