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Pelican Post – May 2009

A newsletter to keep you up-to-date with new items from Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

In this issue:

  • New Item – Single Patient Use / Disposable Dex Sling
  • New Item – Single Patient Use / Disposable Bed Slide Sheets
  • New Item – Bed Slide Sheet Gripper
  • New Item – Washing Bag
  • New Item – Sand Bags

New Item – Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cushions

$54 each, or discounted to $49 each when purchasing a per pack of 10 (Item # 576SPU)

This item is based on the same design as the Pelican Dex Sling with Loops, with split-legs and head support. The material used has been machine washed 10 times to comply with AS ISO 10535-2002 before weight testing to 457kg to give a Safe Working Limit of 300kg.

The physical size of the sling is more suited to an average sized adult. If it is needed for a bariatric patient who may weigh about 100kg please contact Pelican to make a special size sling. Careful inspection should be made before using, to determine that the Sling has not deteriorated through over-use or washing. If there is any sign of wear, the sling should be disposed of in accordance with the facility’s regulations.

Click here to link to this item on our website.

New Item – Single Patient Use / Disposable Bed Slide Sheets

$90 each when purchasing a pack of 10
Item # 505 – 1m x 1.5m
Item # 505X2 – 2m x 1.5m

These items may be used to help turn patients when infection control is an issue, to try to reduce the risk of cross-infection and the spread of disease. They are made from a strong slippery material and with a special silicone coating.

Each sheet is in a heat sealed polythene bag so brand new sheets are easily distinguishable form used sheets.

This item is sold in a pack of ten in a re-sealable plastic bag. This means the bag can be sealed after taking a sheet out – an added benefit when considering infection control. Other brands we are aware of do not have re-sealable bags.

Click here to link to this item on our website.

New Item – Bed Slide Sheet Gripper

$3   (Item # 507BSSG)

Made from firm foam, the Bed Slide Sheet Gripper is used to make it easier to hold a Bed Slide Sheet when turning a patient. Some Carers with weak fingers will find the thickness of the Gripper enables them to hold the sheet without fully closing their fingers.

The size of the Gripper is 55.5cm long. This will be a good guide to turn a patient correctly with the Carer’s arms about a shoulder’s width apart. To use, simply wrap the Bed Slide Sheet around the Gripper, with a hand close to each end of the Gripper, a shoulder’s width apart.

Click here to link to this item on our website.

New Item – Washing Bag

$28 (Item # 205)

Made from a special blue material with small ventilation holes that will allow the product inside to be washed, while keeping straps or anything loose inside the bag.

Wash slings, rescue sheets or other Pelican products with straps that may get tangled around the washing machine during a wash. The Zip on the bag can be done up to prevent the product from falling out during a wash.

Click here to link to this item on our website.

New Item – Sand Bags

Item # 250HSx1 = 1 kg
Item # 250HSx2 = 2kg
Item # 250HSx5 = 5kg
Special weight and sizes made on request

Made from Medical Grade Heat Sealed vinyl material, our Sand Bags are very soft so the bags can be used for correctly positioning the patient on the operating table, or to apply pressure on the patient if necessary. The heat sealed edges are external to allow easy cleaning so there are no seams that are difficult to clean. A hanging loop at one end is for hanging on a Shoulder Gantry to counter-balance the weight of the patient’s arm. The Sand Bags are heat sealed to protect the sand from body fluids, blood, etc. We recommend inspecting the fabric regularly to ensure there are no cuts or tears.

Click here to link to this item on our website.

New Item – Pressure Relief Memory Foam Cushions

From $75

We are now supplying a range of Memory Foam Cushions. Our low profile design does not force the person to end up sitting to high in the chair, which then leads to problems of arms rests being too low. There are four corner ties to secure the cushion to the chair.

There are a few options with this item:

Two types of foam:
· Soft – Memory Foam on the top and bottom, separated with a high resilient foam in the middle
· Firm – Memory Foam on the top and bottom, separated by a special impact resistant foam, which moulds to the patient’s shape – may be suitable for heavier patients

Two sizes:
· 43 x 43cm
· 49 x 49cm

Two types of covers:
· 4-way stretch polyester cover, which wicks moisture away from the body
· 4-way stretch breathable & waterproof cover

The waterproof material covers have sewn seems and a zip, or a special 100% Heat Sealed cover, which has an air reservoir that allows the air inside the cushion to move into when the patient sits down. The Heat Sealed cushions can be wiped clean with disinfectant, avoiding delays which can occur when normal covers are removed for laundry cleaning. On this item there are no sewn seams, zips or Velcro, which is very good when cross infection is important.

Click here to link to this item on our website.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter on to your colleagues who you think may benefit from it. This is a great way of keeping up to date with new items as they become available in your industry. You can subscribe via our homepage by clicking here.

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