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Pelican Post – March 2005

A newsletter to keep you up-to-date with news and new items from Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

In this issue:

  • Staff changes
  • Mailout
  • News from around the world

Staff changes

Many of you have probably spoken with Ben over the last few years. He has now left the Pelican Nest and is going back to complete his nursing degree. It has been great fun working with Ben and he’ll be missed by everyone here at Pelican. We wish him well in the future and hope he continues to pop in every now and then.

Kayla has taken over from Ben and brings a lot of experience with her. She has worked in aged care for a long time and can help with any of your queries.


We have recently sent out a mailout to all of our customers. The number of pages has increased from 4 to 8 to allow for larger pictures and some new items. We sent a copy to most people on our records – not just one to each facility. So if you received a lot of copies for people who have left, or if you only require one or two copies, please give us a call and we can take some names off the list for the future.

We have had a good response to the new products that have been introduced over the last year. The Stand-Up Chair and Bed Alarms are helping many people who may otherwise need restraints to prevent them from standing. It is good to have feedback telling us how this product has helped some people by reminding them not to stand, when they hear the alarm noise.

We have been asked to develop an Alarm to monitor the entry to rooms. The floor mat is very thin, to avoid ‘slips and trips’ by both staff and patients. The alarm can be placed in a doorway so the people can walk around in a lounge room, but if they leave the room the alarm will sound. This can also be used in bedrooms, as some people can safely walk around their rooms, but may wander into other people’s rooms during the night. We have also made a large floor mat that can go next to the bed, like the current Floor Nurse Call Alarm. The new alarm is not dependent on the facility’s Nurse Call system, but is battery powered, and will continue to sound after the patient had moved off the Mat. This product may also be adapted to fit the footboard of a bed, so if someone slides down the bed the alarm will sound when their feet touch the footboard.

The Soft Hip Protectors have been welcomed as a comfortable replacement to the original hard shell design. They are now part of the non-restraint policy at some facilities. As they can be worn in bed, the patient can have protection if they get out of bed during the night.

News from around the world

We regularly have news from America and notice the number of fires in nursing homes. There have been about 5 fires over Christmas and early January.

Last week there were three court cases where thousands of dollars were awarded to relatives of patients who had died as a result of poor pressure care management. In a fourth case, a carer was sentenced to 10 years in jail after a resident died as a result of pressure sores that the carer had not reported.

Well, that’s about all for this month’s edition of Pelican–Announce. Remember, if you know anyone who you think might like to be added to the Pelican–Announce list and receive this newsletter, ask them to contact us and we can add their name. Keep in mind that we can now email instruction sheets in pdf format, so let us know if you need any more information on any products. If you ever need any help, advice, or have any comments to make, you can always FreeCall us on 1800 641 577, FreeFax us on 1800 641 477, or email We would be happy to hear to from you.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter on to your colleagues who you think may benefit from it. This is a great way of keeping up to date with new items as they become available in your industry. You can subscribe via our homepage by clicking here.

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