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Pelican Post – April 2011

A newsletter to keep you up-to-date with new items from Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

In this issue:

  • We can custom-make products
  • New Product –ResQslide Board Kit
  • Product Update - Floor and Doorway Alarm Warning Light
  • Product Highlight – Car Emergency Slide Board Kit
  • Product Tip – Keep Your Straps Tidy

We can custom-make products

We are often asked to make special items for our customers who have a problem, but not the solution.

We can custom-make products to suit your requirements. The best way to do this is to email or fax us your requirements, along with a quick sketch with dimensions. Make sure you include all of your contact details. We can then get back to you with a quotation.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, as we may already have a product available.

New Product – ResQSlide Board Kit

Click here here to link to this item on our website
Item # 220PSBK, $274

This new item is an accessory to the ResQmat. If a patient is in an armchair or electric or manual wheelchair and they need to be taken out of the chair in an emergency, this could be a very difficult and possibly dangerous task for the patient and the Carers. The ResQslide Board may help make this task safer and easier. The emergency may be due to a fire and as lifts in buildings cannot be used to evacuate, the only means of escape is using the stairs. Pelican make the ResQmat, an evacuation sheet that can be used to slide a patient to safety, including going down stairs. Another emergency could be if a patient is having a fit or seizure and they may need to be laid on the floor for C.P.R.

The ResQslide Board is extremely strong and will bend when in use but not break. The outer surface may mark easily and a new board may look ‘second hand’ when new, but the advantages of using this material outweigh the disadvantages.

Product Update – Floor, Doorway and Footboard Alarm Warning Light

Click here to link to the Floor Alarm on our website $297

Click here to link to the Doorway Alarm on our website $297

We have recently made an update to the design of the Floor and Doorway Alarm sounding alarm box.

A red warning light has been added so when the alarm is triggered, the siren will make a sound, and the light will appear.

The benefit of this is that when the alarm is triggered and the sound has accidently been turned to ‘silent’, then the light will still alert staff that the alarm has been triggered and is reducing the battery life.

Product Highlight – Car Emergency Slide Board Kit

Click here here to link to this item on our website
Item # 597K, $325

Used to help get someone out of the back of a car

This item provides an easy and safe way to get an unconscious person out of a car. The emergency department has a difficult manual handling task when a car arrives at a hospital with an unconscious person either in the front or rear car seat.

Depending on the patient's condition and position they can be slid out of the car either head or feet first.

By using the Pelican Car Slider Straps and Emergency Slide Board this difficult manual handling task is made easier. If necessary the Straps are fastened around the ankles, thighs and waist of the patient. Then the specially shaped flexible Slide Board is positioned under the patient.

The Carers can then pull the Slider Straps from outside the car, using their body weight and standing in a good manual handling position. As the Slide Board is very flexible, it will bend up to a trolley or down to the ground.

Product Tip – Keep Your Straps Tidy

Help keep straps tidy by using an elastic band

In our visits to hospitals and nursing homes we sometimes see straps from the Pelican Rescue Sheets and Zip-A-Beds hanging from underneath the mattress to the floor. Both these products have pockets to store the straps, but if you are finding that they fall out of these pocket, then try this...

Concertina the strap up as in the diagram (i.e. do not simply roll it up), and put an elastic band around it. With the strap in the concertina shape, pulling on the end of the strap automatically sets it free. We do not recommend rolling the strap up because this takes longer to un-roll in an emergency.

Warning: Be careful that the elastic band does not break and hit someone. Consult your facility’s appropriate person for authorisation on utilising this advice.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter on to your colleagues who you think may benefit from it. This is a great way of keeping up to date with new items as they become available in your industry. You can subscribe via our homepage by clicking here.

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