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Pelican-Announce – August 2003

Quality Assurance…

We are proud to say that we have just been awarded the updated Quality Assurance Certificate, this now means we are now certified to ISO 9001:2000, which is the highest level that can be attained at present. This certificate is more stringent and includes more control for the design and manufacture compared to the previous standard ISO9001:1994.

New Items…

Patient Rescue Sheet for Carpet (Item 220C) (Patent Applied for)…

For those of you who have carpet in their facilities we now offer a Rescue Sheet that will make emergency evacuations easier. There were comments made to us that the standard nylon Patient Rescue Sheet tended to "drag" whilst being pulled on carpet, so we have developed a version where this is not the case. The Patient Rescue Sheet for Carpet is made from a plastic type fabric that slides very easily along carpet. It has Miracle Grip sewn onto it to stop the mattress from sliding off the bed whilst the patient is getting in and out of bed. However there is a down side in that the fabric will not slide well on vinyl or linoleum floors so we suggest purchasing the design of Rescue Sheet that will work best, i.e. if your rooms are carpet and corridors are vinyl then the standard nylon Patient Rescue Sheet is best. If the situation were reversed with vinyl in the bedroom and carpet in the corridors then the Patient Rescue Sheet for Carpet would be better. To view more information just click on the following links

Patient Rescue Sheet
Patient Rescue Sheet for Carpet

Patient Rescue Sheet Carpet Slider (Item 220CS)…

Similar to the above product though this is an addition to the Patient Rescue Sheet rather than a stand-alone item. This item simply secures around your existing nylon Rescue Sheets and allows you to slide them on carpet. To view more information on this item please click here.

Patient Rescue Sheet Extension Straps (Item 220E)…

This product was designed after comment from facilities about the Manual Handling practice of bending to drag the rescue sheets. The idea was to have longer handles for the taller staff members so they do not have to bend as far and they can also give more handle for the staff to pull. These simply lassoo around the existing straps to provide more length to the "handles." To view more information on this item please click here.

Slide Board – Trolley with Hand Slots (Item 585H)

We have now made available a Slide Board – Trolley with hand slots cut into it. This board is the same size as our standard Slide Board – Trolley. We would like to remind you that the hand slots are for staff to hold the board in position whilst the patient slides across the board and not for "pulling" the slide board and patient during transfers. To view more information, please click here.

Product Alterations…

Foot Inverter Strap (Item 303)…

We changed the design of the Foot Inverter Strap, to make it easier to apply and easier to use. This strap is a very helpful device in achieving "plantar-firma" when rehabilitating patients. To view more information on this item please click the following link: Foot Inverter Strap

Hip Protector Survey…

Thank you to all those facilities that completed and returned the surveys on the Hip Protectors. The information has been invaluable to establishing whether the product is as useful as we hoped. The replies indicated that people are wearing the Hip Protector Pads in bed and not having any marks on their skin. There have been some falls, but fortunately no injuries to the greater trochanter have been sustained.

Special Price…

We still have some special Commode Cushions and Back Cushions and can sell them at HALF PRICE. We made them up as specials for a customer and now have excess stock. They are covered in Mediflex, an anti-bacterial material, which is a heavier material than we normally use for these items. To take advantage of the deal you will need to purchase at least 1 Commode Cushion (half price cost is $27) AND at least 1 Back Cushion (half price cost is $22). We only have about ten sets left, so this special is based on a first come basis and will only be available until stock lasts.

Click on the on the links to view the normal Commode Cushion and Shower Chair Back Cushion.

For a laugh…

The following are some comments made by people when requesting an ambulance.

I can't walk to the bus stop and my wife is bent.
I can't breathe and haven't done so for many years
I want transport, as bus drivers do funny things to me and make me feel queer
I am blind in one eye and my leg.
I live five miles from the hospital and the postman says I should have it
I have got arthritis and heart failure in both feet and knees.
I must have a man as I cannot go out or do up my suspenders.
I cannot walk up a hill unless it is down and the hill to the hospital is up.
My husband is dead and will not bring me.
I cannot drive a car as I have not got one.

Quote of the Month…

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business" Henry Ford

Pelican Port Competition...

The winner of last months Pelican Port Competition was Gail Marsh from Southern Cross Aged Care in WA. Congratulations Gail your bottle of Port is on the way to you.

Well, that’s about all for this month’s edition of Pelican–Announce. Remember, if you know anyone who you think might like to be added to the Pelican–Announce list and receive this newsletter, ask them to contact us and I can add their name. Keep in mind that we can email Instruction Sheets in pdf format, so let us know if you need any more information on any products. If you ever need any help, advice, or have any comments to make, you can always FreeCall us on 1800 641 577, FreeFax us on 1800 641 477, or email We would be happy to hear to from you.

Ben Roberts

Pelican Manufacturing

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Osborne Park WA 6017
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